History & Management

The history of Zero Surge.

april 1989

April 1989

Zero Surge is incorporated by J. Rudy Harford

september 1989

September 1989

U.S. Patents #4,870,528 & #4,870,534 issued to J. Rudy Harford for “Series Mode” power quality filter technology

june 1990

June 1990

J. Rudy Harford selected as Inventor of the Year by NJ Inventors Congress and Hall of Fame for his contribution to the surge suppression field

june 1999

June 1999

Product redesigned using shielded, encapsulated inductors

august 1999

August 1999

ZSI technology given the highest US Government CID rating — Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1

april 2004

April 2004

U.S. Patent #6,728,089 issued to J. Rudy Harford for “Wide Voltage Range” Technology

april 2005

April 2005

J. Rudy Harford again selected as Inventor of the Year by NJ Inventors Congress and Hall of Fame for advanced “Surge Cancellation” technology

june 2005

June 2005

U.S. Patent #7,184,252 issued to J. Rudy Harford for filter technology used with Isolation transformers

june 2006

June 2006

U.S. Patent #7,068,487 issued to J. Rudy Harford for advanced “Surge Cancellation” technology

december 2006

December 2006

Zero Surge receives “Product of the Year” Award for advanced surge suppression technology from Electronic Products Magazine

november 2007

November 2007

Zero Surge receives “Employer of the Year” Award From the ARC of Hunterdon County

APRIL 2011

April 2011

Zero Surge introduces a 5 circuit facility filter to protect POS systems/digital signage for a restaurant chain


January 2014

J. Rudy Harford retires and entrusts his company to new owner, James Minadeo, with plans to grow the company while maintaining the brand reputation for a superior quality, USA made product

MARCH 2015

March 2015

Zero Surge joins the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program


February 2015

Zero Surge joins the New Jersey Business & Industry Association

APRIL 2011

July 2017

Zero Surge introduces an enclosed 5A DIN-Rail model with 4 directional mounting options
a 6 outlet plug-in model with a 4 port USB receptacle for USB powered devices

The Zero Surge Story

Zero Surge® was incorporated in March 1989 by J. Rudy Harford. As an independent consultant who designed and manufactured computer networks, Mr. Harford was given the challenge of reinventing the surge suppressor. When he examined failed surge suppressors, he found that the basis for the protection was metal oxide varistors (MOVs), inexpensive components which failed in normal service.

He began thinking about circuit design alternatives to the unpredictable and failure-prone MOV type. Using computer-aided circuit design, Mr. Harford developed and patented a series-mode surge suppression circuit which protects against worst-case surges, unlike the suppressors on the market which often fail after minor surges.

As power supply technology improved and became capable of operating over a wide voltage range, Mr. Harford developed and was issued another patent in April 2004 for Spectrum WVR®. This technology offers power line surge suppression over the entire voltage range of 85-175V (standard) and 85-265 (enhanced) with exceptional performance and worst-case surge endurance. Spectrum WVR is inherent in Zero Surge’s entire product line. In 2006, Mr. Harford developed and patented Total Surge Cancellation (TSC) Technology® for specific applications (military and pro-audio), totally eliminating damaging surge energy from protected equipment. The success of our engineered products led to a “Product of the Year” award from Electronic Products Magazine in 2006.

Meet The Team

Jim Minadeo

Jim Minadeo

Jim comes to Zero Surge with 26 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, testing, technical support, and sales. Jim started his career at WR Grace’s Technical Ceramics Department researching electronic substrates for Integrated Circuits and then on to Trace Laboratories to test and analyze component materials for the Printed Circuit Board industry. From there he worked in manufacturing where he was the Quality Control Manager for Canfield Technologies (the oldest solder company in the US) and AI Technology (electronic adhesives). While at AIT in 2000, he was assigned to a special project where a new type of voting machine was being developed by their sister company Avante. As the Technical Support Manager, Jim led the testing and customer training of the new Vote-Trakker voting machine, the first new machine federally certified after the 2000 election.

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When two wars drained funding and moved voting machines down in priority, Jim decided to take an opportunity as the Operations Manager with a start-up online hobby electronics distributor. After leading the company to a successful turnkey sales operation, Jim decided to take on a new challenge when he met Rudy Harford, the Zero Surge company founder. Rudy was ready to retire and needed a successor to keep the standard he set for Zero Surge. Impressed with Zero Surge’s products and potential, Jim purchased Zero Surge Inc. in January 2014 and now serves as the President. Zero Surge’s sales, office, and production staff have remained with the company and continue to offer excellent customer service and superior quality products.

Donna De Vico

Donna De Vico
Sales & Marketing Director

Donna joined Zero Surge in July of 1998. Originally assigned to marketing projects, her abilities to interact with customers made her an asset to the sales department as well. After several years of sustained growth, in 2006 she was promoted to Sales & Marketing Director. Donna oversees the company’s advertising and public relations, new product launches, direct and e-commerce sales, national account management, web-site maintenance, trade show coordination, special promotions, technical support and customer service.

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Donna brings to Zero Surge Inc. many years of marketing experience. She was previously the Marketing Director of Lofts Seed Inc. from 1988 to 1998. Her marketing efforts for this grass seed supplier encompassed national chain stores, mom and pop garden centers, sod growers, and golf courses. Prior to Lofts Seed, Donna was part of the marketing team for a start-up synthetic oil company. In five years the team built out multichannel distribution to the mid-Atlantic region.

Deb D'Angelo

Deb D’Angelo
Operations Manager

Deb oversees credit, collections, and payroll as well as materials and production. She has been employed by Zero Surge since August 2003. Prior to joining Zero Surge, she worked for six years at John Wiley & Sons, book publishers, in the credit department, followed by managing the operations of a hospitality company.

Dave Fitzpatrick

Dave Fitzpatrick
Electrical Engineer

Dave has been working in engineering for over 45 years. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from NJIT and has worked in a variety of industries including designing electronics for UL and CE certifications. Over the years, Dave has participated in the testing and launching of satellites in the Explorer series and developed test procedures for the installation of the new Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Ground Station in White Sands, NM. He also designed the electronics for medical instruments to comply with stringent UL hospital safety requirements for use in patient proximity. Dave joined Zero Surge’s Engineering Team in June 2003 where he participates in the development of new products and consults with customers for application engineering.

J. rudy Harford

J. Rudy Harford (Retired)
Founder & Chief Engineer

J. Rudy Harford began his engineering career developing ground tracking equipment for the country’s first satellite at the US Army Civilian Research Laboratory. Later he worked on the proposal for the forerunner of the “Star Wars” program where interception of incoming missiles was the goal. At RCA, he developed some of the first integrated circuits to be used in television.

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In 1989, Mr. Harford introduced series mode surge suppression. He was granted two patents for the new technology and was named New Jersey Inventor of the Year in 1991 for his work. In 2005, Mr. Harford invented and patented total surge cancellation technology for which he again was named NJ Inventor of the Year in 2006. Mr. Harford currently holds over 43 US patents and over 300 worldwide.