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Zero Surge Receives Partner of the Year Award at
Hunterdon County Economic Development Summit

Zero Surge was presented with the Partner of the Year Award at Hunterdon County’s Economic Development Summit on October 11, 2019. “We need help from our business partners, not just with buy-in, but with participation, with support, and with lending the prestige of their good name from the business that they’re doing here in this county,” Freeholder Lanza said. “Without (Zero Surge), I don’t think we are where we are today.” (Click on the photo for a link to the full article.)


3rd Annual HackHunterdon Hackathon

Zero Surge was, once again, a sponsor of the Hackathon held on June 8-9 in Flemington, NJ.  We provided surge protection at the event and donated units for raffle prizes.  A total of 17 teams competed for over $6,000 in prizes.


Click here to read about Zero Surge’s price increase on 6/1/19.



2nd New Jersey Manufacturing Caucus

James Minadeo (left)

On August 14, 2018 NJMEP once again worked closely with the New Jersey Legislative Bi-Partisan Manufacturing Caucus to bring manufacturers’ concerns to the forefront.  Several manufacturers sat on a panel to testify before the Caucus, including James Minadeo, President of Zero Surge Inc. It was a great turnout as manufacturers came from all over New Jersey to show their support. Manufacturing leaders provided testimonies regarding real concerns and issues with policies that are impacting their businesses. The main topics and concerns discussed included tariffs, apprenticeships, and minimum wage.

For Zero Surge, a major concern is the steel tariffs.   According to James, “We aren’t in the steel industry, but we use high quality steel enclosures.  I thought it would take a lot longer for those tariffs to affect us, but then I started getting emails from suppliers saying, ‘Tariffs are coming, we’ll do our best … but costs are going to go up.’  Unfortunately, recent RFQs have supported that warning.”

Important challenges and important solutions were discussed at great length during the New Jersey Legislative Manufacturing Caucus, and all concerns were heard to their fullest extent.



HackHunterdon 2018 was a great success!  Zero Surge, once again, protected the computers at the event and donated prizes.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!  Click here for a recap of the event.


Jim Minadeo, Zero Surge’s president (2nd from left) testifying before the New Jersey Manufacturing

Caucus in an effort to help retain manufacturers and entice new businesses to the state. (2/18)


Zero Surge’s holiday luncheon. Pictured in the center is Zero Surge’s founder

and technology inventor, J. Rudy Harford.



We enjoyed talking with New Jersey League of Municipalities attendees about how our products can help save their taxpayers downtime and replacement costs.

November 13-16, 2017


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HackHunterdon – April 28-29-2017

Congratulations to the winners and organizers on the first of many successful HackHunterdon events!  Zero Surge provided surge protection for the event and raffled off 8R15W units at the awards ceremony.

For more information, visit or


TIPS Committee

Call for Central NJ Manufacturers – Help Shape the NJ Labor Market

Zero Surge President Jim Minadeo is chairing a sub-committee of the NJ Central Region Manufacturers Targeted Industry Partnership (TIP) which will be determining the needs of the Manufacturing Industry in the state of NJ. This TIP is working in conjunction with the NJ State Department of Labor and the ManufactureNJ organization which is a part of NJIT. This is a mouthful but it boils down to the state of NJ pushing for changes and additional training programs that meet the real workforce needs of manufacturers.

After our first meeting, it was apparent that there is a gap in the job skills needed to fill our manufacturing base in NJ. We have lost the interest of young students to be apprentices and to get into the jobs required of manufacturers. There are very good paying jobs in manufacturing that required a different kind of training that a college degree does not provide.
In fact, students can make money while they learn instead of go deep into debt getting a degree that may not be able to provide them with a living wage. Only 52% of college graduates from 2006 were employed full time in 2013. Of those that were full time employed, 42% of them did not need their college degree to get the job they had!

If you are in NJ (or border the state of NJ) and would like to participate, please contact Jim at  Meetings are in person on a quarterly basis and virtual monthly. The total time commitment is up to you. We are looking for long range solutions and have the backing of the state of NJ to see this through. Thanks!