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High-end surge protection and noise filtration for improved performance.

Flat screen TVs and other home theater equipment are vulnerable to surge damage. Also, vulnerable are digital menu boards, electronic signage, sound systems, and videoconferencing systems. Businesses rely on this equipment daily and downtime for even a short period creates unnecessary costs, especially when the downtime is surge related.

Larger, worst case surges generated from outside the building can easily destroy a system, while smaller surges generated inside the building from equipment cycling on and off can degrade sensitive electronics and cause damage over time.

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Whether residential or business, Zero Surge has the solution. Zero Surge products not only filter worse case surges from the power line, they also remove EMI/RFI noise disturbances. Left unfiltered, noise can interfere with video and audio signals and cause noticeable distortion.

The 8R15W is popular for home theaters, but if mixing digital and analog equipment or if you have a piece of equipment you’d like to isolate from other items, the 8R15W-I unit with isolated receptacles is recommended.

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