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Robust, dependable surge protection for critical applications.

Laboratories, clean rooms, and R & D facilities are critical environments with extremely sensitive electronics. The surge and noise protection in these environments must be superior to insure that the expensive, critical equipment is not adversely affected by power surges. Zero Surge’s series mode technology protects connected equipment from even worst case surges. It was certified for performance and endurance by Underwriters Laboratories to withstand 1,000 worst case surges of 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps in 30 second intervals without degradation or failure!

lab set up


Joel N. Bloom Observatory | 10-inch Zeiss Refracting Telescope
Photo Courtesy of The Franklin Institute

Workstations, DNA testing equipment, incubators, and ventilation hoods are just some of the types of equipment being protected by Zero Surge’s power quality filters. Solutions are available in 15 and 20 Amps to accommodate various applications.

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