HackHunterdon Radio hosted by James Minadeo

HackHunterdon is an initiative to bring Hunterdon County’s technology community together and spark locally grown innovation.  With events like the monthly meetups and annual Hackathon, HackHunterdon has been the premiere networking group among local entrepreneurs, high-tech engineers, and those curious about new technology.  The show is hosted by James Minadeo, President of Zero Surge Inc. Find out about current innovation, hear from local innovators, and learn about past innovations.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #20 – Featuring retired Colonel Terry Virts. He served as a U.S. Air Force test fighter pilot, is a NASA veteran of two spaceflights and a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Harvard Business School. He recently directed his first film, One More Orbit. His next book, The Art of Space Travel, is due out in the fall of 2020. He is currently involved in several film and television projects, serves on corporate boards, consults to the entertainment industry, and writes/promotes public policy. He is a celebrated thought leader, speaker and author whose seven months in space included: piloting the Space Shuttle; commanding the International Space Station; three spacewalks; and performing scientific experiments, while working closely with multiple international partners. Virts worked with Russian Space Agency cosmonauts during some of the most stressful U.S.-Russian relations since the Cold War. He also is an alum of Oakland Mills High School in which he was in several classes with the host Jim Minadeo. They remember some of the aspects that made their education useful later in life. Terry has thought about where the space program can go and who should work on it.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #18 – features Brendan Elliot and Craig Brace, founding partners of TechNeed. This product advisory and custom software development company works closely with their clients to internalize business goals and craft a sound strategy to achieve success. Utilizing a network of seasoned professionals, US-based employees, and well-vetted partners, TechNeed has developed a strategy to deliver exceptional product and value while controlling project costs. For the history lesson, we discuss the ramifactions of the Heartbleed vulnerability.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #17 – Guests are Daniel Tuft and Jennifer Nagengast of ResponseWorks, a local Lambertville company with many large corporate customers. From their site ResponseWorks.com: “When times get tough, we all need a helping hand. From Crisis Management services, to Employee Assistance/EAP, to Higher Education services, ResponseWorks has the experience you need to have a powerful impact. Whether creating a comprehensive Disaster Management plan or helping an individual employee, ResponseWorks is skillful, flexible and compassionate.” The services that they offer are being more important as we all put more emphasis on mental health and companies look to keep their teams together and informed. We will discuss how they use technology to help employees navigate life issues. For the history lesson, I run down the history of Employee Assistance Programs which started out as workplace safety programs centered around alcohol over consumption.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #16 – Today’s guest is Tara Shepherd who is the Executive Director of goHunterdon and organization that creates local transportation programs for all ages. Find out how this innovative non-profit organization keeps up with changing transportation needs of a rural county like Hunterdon.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #15 – features Hunterdon County Economic Development Director, Marc Saluk! Jim and Marc discuss his approach to improving the local economy. NJ has some unique challenges but also a lot of interesting opportunities for growth. For those of you that have heard Marc speak, you know he is all business, but I was able to get him to talk about one of his passions – science fiction. The history lesson is how the Freeholder system of county government has evolved in NJ. Enjoy!

HackHunterdon Radio Show #14 – Returning guest Eric Emerson of E2IT Consulting turns the interview back on host Jim Minadeo, President of Zero Surge. Eric interviews Jim about Zero Surge and what it is like to own a business.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #13 – This show features our first attempt at the round table panel discussion type show. One of our panelists had a last minute emergency but we soldiered onward. Grant Pitel and Cody Hofstetter join Jim Minadeo in a discussion of various news stories and answer fun questions about how we all use different technologies. The history lesson is about the first news round table show.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #12 -This week’s guest is Stephen Walker, Private Wealth Advisor from Walkers & Associates – A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. In continuing the discussion of innovation in the world of finance, Stephen and I focus on personal finance and what changes he has seen from being in this industry for over 25 years. He also emphasizes the main aspect of his role that has not changed in 25 years and will likely never change. We end the show with a history lesson about the first mutual fund which dates back to the 1700’s!

HackHunterdon Radio Show #11 – My guest is Dennis Harabin who has several businesses and projects involved in the insurance, college finance, and software development world. All three involve the use of Artificial Intelligence. Dennis discusses these topics and more. For the historical part of the show, I give you the origin story of the term Artificial Intelligence.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #10 – This show features Lynn Hutchins, local entrepreneur, who is involved in the art world, event planning, promotions, and supporting environmental technologies. We discuss some of her work and how she found the passion that also is her vocation. We discuss corporate responsibility and what some of the largest companies in the country have proposed for sustaining innovation. If you want to read more about that issue, go to https://innovation.businessroundtable. For my history lesson, I tell you about the history of the science of global warming.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #9 – A solo host show. I talk about state level innovation news, an upcoming innovation event, have a fun story about license plates, and a history lesson about radio!

HackHunterdon Show #8 – My guest is Cody Hofstetter, a local businessman and IT security expert, privacy advocate, and has many other hidden talents. He was the first place winning team leader of the first HackHunterdon Hackathon in 2017. He will tell us how he started out his career as a Day Trader and morphed into an IT career. We discuss why open source software may be a better choice for small businesses. We also touch on online privacy. My historical story will be about the first distributed computer virus (surprise! it was on an Apple II computer).

HackHunterdon Radio Show #7 – My guest this week is local Hunterdon County businesswoman Kelly Denti, the owner of Magic Ninja Dust. She ran a gym for years and was tired of cleaning up the mess from chalk dust used by gymnasts, climbers, and weight lifters. She created a liquid form that is just as effective but is much less messy. Find out how she took this little company from a niche gym product to being chosen by Walmart to sell nationally (and maybe globally!).

HackHunterdon Radio Show #6 – This week’s show theme is robotics! My guest is Mark Howe – Sales Manager for the Knotts Company. The Knotts Company is an automation solution provider representing industry leading manufacturers of industrial, automation and robotics products. Mark and I discuss the current trends in using robotics for manufacturing. As we end the show, we go over some robot history.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #5 – Featuring Guest Eric Emerson of E2 IT Consulting. We talk about email and cybersecurity for businesses, the 2019 Hackathon, how we met at a Chamber event, and comments on some news items. We finish with a discussion of the history of timekeeping and what issues the future of space travel has with timekeeping.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #4 – Learn what other countries are doing to promote policies of innovation, hear from Peter Locharernkul the second place winner of this year’s Hackathon, and learn about innovations that we still use today that were spawned by the Apollo program. Peter has some exciting news about his app and where you will be able to use it soon.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #3 – Features guest Bob King, the co-owner of the Lone Eagle Brewing Co.  Bob had a long tech career and applied his knowledge into running a beer operation from batching to marketing.  Bob joins host Jim Minadeo in commenting on innovation and technology news as well as the top Founding Father Innovators.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #2 – Topics included how Rutgers helped to create the Impossible Burger, news about the Telsa Solar Shingle, and how that internet outage occurred last week. Plus a history of how the world’s largest e-retailer got started.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #1 – Guests include the first and third place winners of the 2019 Hackathon Paul John and David Zhang.