HackHunterdon Radio hosted by James Minadeo

HackHunterdon is an initiative to bring Hunterdon County’s technology community together and spark locally grown innovation.  With events like the monthly meetups and annual Hackathon, HackHunterdon has been the premiere networking group among local entrepreneurs, high-tech engineers, and those curious about new technology.  The show is hosted by James Minadeo, President of Zero Surge Inc. Find out about current innovation, hear from local innovators, and learn about past innovations.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #4 – Learn what other countries are doing to promote policies of innovation, hear from Peter Locharernkul the second place winner of this year's Hackathon, and learn about innovations that we still use today that were spawned by the Apollo program. Peter has some exciting news about his app and where you will be able to use it soon.

Posted by HackHunterdon Radio on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

HackHunterdon Radio Show #3:  Features guest Bob King, the co-owner of the Lone Eagle Brewing Co.  Bob had a long tech career and applied his knowledge into running a beer operation from batching to marketing.  Bob joins host Jim Minadeo in commenting on innovation and technology news as well as the top Founding Father Innovators.

HackHunterdon Radio Show #2

HackHunterdon Radio Show #2: Topics included how Rutgers helped to create the Impossible Burger, news about the Telsa Solar Shingle, and how that internet outage occurred last week. Plus a history of how the world’s largest e-retailer got started.

Posted by HackHunterdon Radio on Wednesday, June 26, 2019