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About 20% of power line surges are generated from outside the building due to lightning and utility company switching activities. These types can be large in scope and cause immediate damage. The other 80% of surges are generated inside the building from equipment cycling on and off (elevators, printers, coffee machines, compressors, fans, etc.) and can degrade equipment over time, eventually causing damage.



It is common for companies to employ Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to not only protect against short duration power outages but to also provide surge protection. The surge suppression provided by a UPS, however, has a let-through of surge energy that is too high for sensitive electronics, and they often shunt the surge to the ground line, causing ground line contamination. Downtime can mean compromised data, lost sales, customer dissatisfaction, and high repair costs.

Zero Surge’s power quality filters are protecting thousands of POS, digital signage, and kiosk applications throughout the United States and Canada with no degradation or failure.   Several national chain businesses are protecting POS equipment and digital signage/menu boards with Zero Surge products…and the list is growing.

Choose safe, reliable, and effective surge and noise protection for your equipment.

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