If you are using (or considering) an MOV-type surge protector, please read the following:

MOVs wear out and must be replaced every 6 months to 3 years depending on the surge environment. The “protection working light” is proof the manufacturer expects the product to fail, making its use a real gamble!

Failed MOVs may flame, smoke, or open a fuse, removing power from critical equipment.

Most MOV protector ratings are based on calculations, not actual endurance testing.

MOVs used in “all three modes” actually endanger networked equipment and can degrade audio, video, and computer signals

blown MOV inside a surge protector
House destroyed by MOV surge protector

Click photo for fire safety sheet.

Exploded MOV inside a surge protector

Safety Precautions

Avoid using surge protectors in plastic housings. Metal housings will impede MOV fires better.

Do not place MOV products on carpeting, near curtains or by other flammable surfaces.

Shake the protector periodically and listen for loose parts. Discard if it rattles.

If the housing has burn marks (soot, discoloration), discard immediately.

Click here for a printable sheet with additional tips and information on surge protector fire safety.

If a product claims to have safety certification, the product label or manufacturer’s web site will have the information posted. You should be able to verify certifications on the testing laboratory’s web site using the manufacturer’s file number.