Reviews – 8R15W-I

Very Affordable High-End Stereo Protection/Improvement – 5 Stars
When I swapped out my old but okay power strip for the 8R15W-I, the sound improvement of my respectable stereo system (Mytek Brooklyn Amp+ & DAC+ w/KEF LS50 Meta speakers) improved immediately and quite noticeably: the soundstage widened, transients and imaging became clearer, reverb became more pronounced and realistic, and low-level information appeared that had been drowned out before (and perhaps connectedly, the background silence became blacker/more quiet), and the overall sound was purer. All of this was gained, along with isolation and protection, at a *very* reasonable price-point. If you look at comparable products on audiophile/stereo equipment websites,, a product from the likes of e.g. Shunyata costs $900 minimum, and that is considered “affordable” in the audiophile world! I think if the mid-high end audio equipment community were made aware of what they could get at only $350, and made in the USA to boot, they would eagerly purchase this product.

Reviewed by: Thomas K. from Lincoln, NE on 5/9/2023

Steady Power – 5 Stars
Been using this product on my high end audio system and feel safe with the protection it provides. It has weathered many thunder/lightning storms already. Happy to have ZeroSurge protecting my setup. Thanks again.
Reviewed by: Mario Ruiz from Spring on 12/16/2022

Solid experience … – 5 Stars
Love the device. Works well. Best customer support ever. Jim and the team are great. I am happy to support them. 🙂

Reviewed by: A from Dallas on 1/16/2022

Quality – 5 Stars
This product was recommended by an audiophile friend, who has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to been exposed to numerous products over the years. His recommendations have been gold, including this one. I am super happy with the build quality and peace of mind that comes with ZeroSurge’s reputation. I am protecting a McIntosh MA12000. I will be adding additional high end components to my system, also protected by the 8R15W-I, but am only in the home trial process.
Reviewed by: James from Massachusetts on 8/8/2021

Mr. – 5 Stars
I use this surge protector for my TV & sound system, and another for my stereo system. We have frequent surges at my location, and my equipment is well protected. Thanks.
Reviewed by: Robert McGimsey from EAGLE RIVER AK on 12/11/2020

8R15W-I – with Custom 15ft power cable and straight plug – 5 Stars
I ordered the 8R15W-I, a custom order: 15ft cable with straight plug. I got the 15ft cable with mine incase I need extra length to reach an outlet, maybe in a future home / APT.. or something- Just in case ‘ya know. I didn’t want to move there than not be able to reach an outlet for my setup. I’m very happy with my purchase, The lady who helped me out was extremely helpful, so thank you. Thank you ZeroSurge for this good solution and great product. … Side notes I had plans to use the 8R15W-I to turn power on to multiple devices mainly speakers in my setup. Powered speakers and subwoofers also a Crown amplifier, and in the always on outlets: a preamp + Computer. – it went well I had everything hooked up, then I notice powering on the subwoofers from the unit is not a good idea, as it causes a loud Thump/Boom, not the usual thud, you get if you turn your equipment on the wrong way, this was more of a Loud BOOM, so I decided not to hook the subs up this way by the switched outlets. It’s ok though(I’ll use something else for the subs for now)… This (I Think) just how subs react when you turn them on by the main power, with the subs power already switched on, so it’s not the 8R15W-I fault at all, it’s my fault, and the cause is just… the way things work with the subs power. no worries, I just wanted to let people know my experience so if they decide they want to do something similar, now they know before trying it. If you’re wondering, what things I have hooked up, It’s: (turn preamp on first) Switched Outlets: 3 MACKIE MR824 (Left, center, right) Crown XLS 1002 Always on: Preamp + PC Thanks – Good Luck with choosing your ZeroSurge product.
Reviewed by: KGN from Connecticut on 12/4/2020

Owner – 5 Stars
Thanks again to ZeroSurge on providing my 7th unit! To say I prefer ZeroSurge is an understatement. I’ve used these units on not only my hifi audio system but also all my computers and NAS along with any critical components. No failure of any kind in over a decade of use. Thanks to ZeroSurge!
Reviewed by: Jason from Lake Mary on 9/8/2020