June 21, 2019 by Donna De Vico, Sales & Marketing Director, Zero Surge Inc.

This being the first day of summer (with storm season in full swing) and still the first quarter of our 30th Anniversary, it’s a good time to talk about some of the reasons using Zero Surge protection is a great choice, so here goes:

  1. 30-year history of failure-free surge protection
  2. Certified performance from an independent laboratory
  3. Repeatedly withstands worst case, lightning induced surges
  4. No components that degrade or wear out
  5. No replacement schedule required
  6. Made in USA
  7. Can be used in ungrounded outlets
  8. Originator of “series mode” and subsequent related surge protection technologies
  9. Peace of mind
  10. Operates over a wide voltage range, continuously sensing surges
  11. Protects from dirty generator power
  12. In-service life of 30 years and counting with no degradation or failure
  13. Impressive customer list
  14. Plug-in products are easy to use
  15. Corrosive resistant steel cabinetry
  16. Zero Surge’s founder was a 2 time “Inventor of the Year” recipient
  17. 10-year warranty on all products
  18. Safe – no history of fires
  19. Excellent return on investment
  20. No surge related downtime
  21. Does not contaminate the ground line, unlike typical suppressors
  22. Recommended for interconnected equipment
  23. Friendly, personalized customer support
  24. Increases longevity of protected electronics by at least 50%
  25. Removes EMI/RFI noise disturbances from the power line
  26. Designed to be compatible with modern power supplies
  27. Branch circuit protection available for hard-wired equipment and dedicated lines
  28. First line of defense even when whole building surge protectors (WBSP) are used
  29. Compatible with smart home devices
  30. Reliable – no product recalls

If you would like to learn more about any of the items from this list, please contact me for a deeper explanation.

Will all your sensitive electronics be Zero Surge protected this summer?