Reviews – 2R15W

Owner – 5 stars
ZeroSurge has opened my mind to the flaw that is a traditional surge protector. Most people buy a regular surge protector and forget about it. Now that I know better, I put all of my most expensive, sensitive, and data-valuable equipment on a ZeroSurge. This is in my home and those of family members.
Reviewed by: Andrew from Boston on 10/24/2023

Ultimate protection – 5 stars
After a very scary experience in our area with high winds knocking down poles and power lines, it seemed a good time to buy a professional power surge product. The normal off the shelf MOV type is not what I would call protection. My buddy during this storm had his MOV based unit not only destroyed but literally blew a 1/2″ hole through the plastic case that also melted. All I could think about was what if it would have started a house fire. I already knew about Zerosurge but was on the fence for a while. My audio equipment is expensive and it made me realize that this beautifully made, U.S.A. product will keep my equipment safe for many years. Thank you ZS, I’ll pass this unit on to my kids when I’m gone.
Reviewed by: Neil from Clinton U.S.A. on 4/5/2023

Producer – 5 Stars
I just ordered two of the ZeroSurge 2-outlet boxes (2R15W). I intend to plug them into the wall receptacle– ahead of my UPS devices. Previously, I have purchased 4 of the ZeroSurge 8-outlet boxes and I have been extremely pleased with them. It’s a good feeling to know they are protecting my sensitive gear. And I like purchasing from an American manufacturer.
Reviewed by: Tom from Hayes on 8/26/2022

Owner – 5 Stars
Reviewed by: David Park from Honolulu, Hawaii on 4/16/2022

Electrical Engineer –  5 Stars
Proactively purchased a 2R15W, to protect home medical equipment from potential power line transients damage and associated downtime. Ordered on-line on Monday, processed same day and received in FL (consistent winner of the lightning strike over-achiever of the year award) via UPS Ground by 9:30AM Friday. The unit was well packaged – double boxed, Styrofoam holders within inner box supporting the unit. Solid, sturdy enclosure, well built, held together with 13 screws. The dual outlets have a good feel. The 6′ non-removable 14 gauge power cable has a strain relief at the case and a quality right angle AC plug. An unobtrusive green LED power indicator gets the job done without the all too common floodlight overkill on many other products. Recently put into service so have no feedback on long term performance but have high expectations. Commenting as a retired hardware Electrical Engineer of 45 years, I chose a series mode protection product in this application due to its numerous performance, safety, and longevity advantages compared to a basic MOV shunt topology. I also like this unit’s magnetic steel enclosure to augment the power filter’s inherent EMI/RFI rejection. The company’s commitment to 100% testing of all units prior to shipping is a nice relief from the typical mass produced out-the-door let the customer test and return junk that is the current norm. Based on a couple of email interactions with the marketing/sales director, I’m impressed with their customer support and enthusiasm … another rarity these days. If your budget allows for it and you can tolerate the higher weight and size compared to MOV shunt technology, it’s a good choice. After inspecting the build quality and testing operation with my application hardware, I ordered a second one for computer/network/TV protection. Again, my order was promptly processed and shipped same day. Also, very pleased to support a company that manufactures within the USA.
Reviewed by: Elliot from Florida on 9/17/202

Photographer – 5 Stars
I am happy to have purchase a ZeroSurge power filter to protect my digital assets. After investing thousands for computers, monitors and backup system it just makes sense to protect everything from power fluctuations. Ordering was simple and easy and my ZeroSurge power filter arrived within a day.
Reviewed by: Bill Brokaw from Frenchtown NJ on 3/18/2021

Beautifully Robust – 5 Stars
Item was shipped quickly and arrived very well packaged. Everything from the packaging to the product itself looks and feels to be of very high quality. I’m happy to have purchased it for my expensive computer equipment.

Reviewed by: Paul from Staten Island on 2/13/2021

Mr. – 5 Stars
Best surge protector I’ve ever owned. In fact, I have them in every room.

Reviewed by: Robert McGimsey from EAGLE RIVER, AK on 12/11/2020

Architect – 5 Stars
I’ve used Series Mode surge devices to protect home electronics since 2003, originally purchasing Brickwall units (made by ZeroSurge to my understanding) – and then with additional ZeroSurge units such as this one. I now have 7-total units in use protecting PC’s, entertainment center electronics, washer & refrigerator. I’ve never had a problem and leave everything plugged in and running despite periodic storms and occasional brownouts. Reliable, well made (I took one apart to look at the insides), ZeroSurge units are quality. Recommended highly.
Reviewed by: Mike C from Dallas – Fort Worth on 12/5/2020

Already in service – 5 Stars
My MOV-based surge protectors have been kicked to the curb!
Reviewed by: Evan Haas from St. Louis, MO on 12/2/2020

Longtime Owner >25 years – 5 Stars
Just bought 3rd unit for a new 70” TV & Entertainment Console. Bought my first two for home & business use in 1994-and both are still in use! If you have any concerns about what you’re plugging in, call and speak to Zero Surge on the phone and then place your order online to get the Free Shipping (must first click on a red “Buy Now” button). My TV and PlayStation plug into an APC Battery Backup unit which plugs into the 2R15W.
Reviewed by: Keith Fickenwirth from Florida-Lightning Capital of the World on 11/30/2020