Whether in a casino, arcade, or home, a gaming PC is an advanced, finely tuned machine which demands the highest level of surge protection available.

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System lock-ups, slow response, and damaged hardware can all be caused by improper surge protection. Incorporating a Zero Surge power quality product as part of one’s overall gaming system is a proactive step that will assure the lifespan of the PC and performance of components for the long run. Even consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are vulnerable.  Gamers invest a significant amount of money in performance modifications and state-of-the-art peripherals.  If you’ve spared no expense when it comes to elevating your game to gain a competitive edge, don’t let that slip away.  You’ll have peace of mind when using Zero Surge protection.

“I’ve used Zero Surge products for every single electrical thing in my house for over 20 years. This includes computers, TVs, video game consoles…If you want to stop worrying about your electronics in a storm, just get a Zero Surge [product] and never think about it again.” – David S., Oxford, CT

Out of order slot machines means lost business for casinos and causes customer dissatisfaction.  Surge related slot machine downtime can be prevented with Zero Surge protection in place.  Our 2 outlet models protects up to 2 machines while our 8 outlet models protect several. Lightning induced surges, equipment within the building cycling on and off, sharing circuits, ground line contamination, and equipment running on dirty power all contribute to degraded gaming performance. Zero Surge has totally reshaped the surge protection industry by establishing never before seen levels of performance and endurance and offers the protection that today’s advanced gaming equipment requires.

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