Electronics running on supplemental power sources require superior surge protection.

A typical UPS with surge protection lets through over 500 volts of surge energy.  Energy over 400 volts can cause degradation to sensitive electronics leading to premature failure. For this reason, preceding the UPS with a Zero Surge 2R15W unit will filter the high energy surges before they pass through the UPS and into the connected equipment. As an added bonus, the UPS itself is protected from getting surge damaged when it’s needed the most.

Battery Back-up

“I put my Zero Surge between the supply and the UPS and haven’t had any issue whatsoever…Thankfully Zero Surge was the remedy I needed. I wholeheartedly endorse Zero Surge based on how it works. The only true protection for sensitive electronics!”John L., New Rochelle, NY

Standby generator

Generator Power

It’s no secret that standby generators deliver “dirty” power to connected equipment. Unlike typical surge protectors, Zero Surge’s series mode technology protects over a wide voltage range of 85-175V which is particularly beneficial when generators are in use. In addition, because our products don’t use the ground line, they are safe for this application.

UPS Protection
UPS Protection Tech Note
Generator Power
Generator Power Tech Note

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