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80% of power line surges occur inside the building wearing down sensitive electronics, shortening equipment life. 20% of power line surges come from outside the building via lightning or utility company activities and can cause immediate catastrophic damage. Both types pose a threat to your operation. Protecting POS systems with Zero Surge technology will keep your operation up and running. Don’t miss out on lost sales and keep customers satisfied.

Large flat screen displays have fast become the way information is presented.  Drive-thrus, airports, malls, city streets, arenas, hospitals,  banks, grocery stores and many other locations rely on digital displays.  Protecting them with Zero Surge products will assure uptime and increased longevity.

kiosk forchecking in

Using kiosks to do anything from ordering food to checking in at airports is on the rise.  When working properly, they speed up the process and provide important information to the end user.  Keeping them up and running is critical to an operation. Their performance and reliability will be increased when using Zero Surge’s technology.