High Endurance Power Quality Filter

for noise and surge suppression (120 VOLT, 60 HERTZ, SINGLE PHASE, 15 AND 20 AMPERE)

INTRODUCTION: This is a purchase specification for high performance, high endurance power line filtering and surge suppression. This filter technology avoids fixed clamping level components such as MOVs to eliminate the poor endurance, performance and safety issues often associated with these components. Parameters that describe MOV performance limitations such as Joule rating, response time, clamp level, etc. are not relevant to this filter technology.




Nominal Input Voltage 120 VAC, 50-60Hz NEC Standards.
MCOV (Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage) 175 VAC
Usable Voltage Range: Wide Voltage Range (WVR) Technology 85-175 VAC Fully dynamic performance with no fixed voltage clamping components offering superior performance for use with generators and in brown-out conditions.
Input Current Rating 15 or 20 amps Model dependent.
Overload Protection Fuse or thermal breakers Where applicable.
Noise, Suppression Circuits Series connected inductor in “hot” leg, followed by dynamic filtering Surge voltage, surge current and surge duration are all suppressed for optimum protection.
Mode of Operation: (Avoid mode 2 and all-mode products to avoid system noise and reliability problems) Mode 1 (Line-Neutral) This mode protects the system ground circuit, avoiding system noise and degradation.
NRTL Endurance (ANSI C62.41 Standard) 1,000 surges 6,000 volt 3,000 amp endurance rating Filter technology does not degrade with use. No sacrificial components.
EMI/RFI Filtering  20 dB rejection at 100 kHz.
Let-Through Voltage Less than 330 Volts peak.
Safety Agency Approvals CSA 22.2 No. 8-M1986, CUL 1283 5th Edition, UL 1363.
Performance, Endurance Certification UL 1449 Adjunct Classification 1,000 surges of 6,000 Volts/3,000 Amps.
Cabinet Steel Construction Where applicable.
Receptacles UL Listed Receptacles Where applicable.
Power Cord, Plug  6 ft., 14 Gauge Nominal Model dependent.
Dimensions, Weight See Specification Sheet Model dependent.
Warranty 10 Years