What our customers are saying.

“Let me start by prefacing my background. I have very little electrical knowledge or experience and I live in an older home with no ground. For the past 40 years I have protected my electronics with better MOV surge protectors or so I thought. I did not know they did nothing to protect my electronics in an ungrounded home. I did not know MOV surge protectors work with the ground in your home.

After losing a soundbar, Roku, and a vintage stereo, I started researching and little did I know how useless all of the MOV surge protectors were in my home. Not wanting to rewire my entire home, I started researching alternative solutions and products. Lo and behold, I came upon Zero Surge surge protectors. After researching, reading testimonials, and reading the background of this company and its founder, J. Rudy Harford, I found the solution to my problem. I can now stop worrying about my electronics. I wish I had researched this problem long ago. Thank you for making a product I never knew existed.”

chevronCharles S., Greer, SC

“Bought this (8R15W-I) solely for protection. As such, I expected it to be about as much fun as an insurance policy. However, I was completely surprised and beyond thrilled when I began using it and discovered that my sound quality took a big leap forward! The music is smoother – less harshness, that I hadn’t even realized was there. To say I am completely happy with the 8R1W-I is an understatement.”

chevronDavid S., Seattle, WA

Surge Damage Story

“I have had Zero Surge protection on my computers for two decades. All 3 computers and peripherals survived the surge just fine. The TV was protected by a power conditioner (MOV based) but the TV did not survive the surge. TV still works as a monitor, but the internal electronics got hosed such that signal reception and channel switching no longer worked; unusable as a TV. We replaced the TV at an expense of $450. Both entertainment center and computers are now protected. I have no idea as to how many power surges I have experienced in 20 years. I just know that I have 36 computer years (cumulative age of 3 computers) and I have never had a disk crash or internal failure on any of them in two decades. When a power surge killed the TV, I instantly ordered a Zero Surge unit to protect the new TV and related components.”

chevronNorman O., Littleton, CO

Surge Damage Story

“My home has old wiring with no earth ground. As a result, two motherboards were fried during electrical storms a year apart. Luckily, I was under warranty. I purchased a Zero Surge because it was inevitable to happen again, and being no longer covered by warranty replacement, I’d be looking at a significant loss. Especially because my socket/CPU combination was no longer available so it would mean both would need to be replaced if it occurred again. I put my Zero Surge between the supply and the UPS and haven’t had any issue whatsoever. At least three times we’ve had significant storms, and the UPS has triggered while I’ve been home. Thankfully Zero Surge was the remedy I needed. I wholeheartedly endorse Zero Surge based on how it works. The only true protection for sensitive electronics!”

chevronJohn L., New Rochelle, NY

“My house depends on an active sump pump. I had an MOV surge protector get fried during a storm. I didn’t realize that power was disconnected until a water sensor on the floor alerted me. I changed to a 2R20W afterwards. It has been flawless. Its non-sacrificial design ensures uninterrupted power after a surge. Zero Surge protects me from a flooded basement!”

chevronRichard B., Newtown, PA

“I’ve used Zero Surge products for every single electrical thing in my house for over 20 years. This includes computers, TVs, video game consoles, and even my refrigerator. Hurricanes and thunderstorms too numerous to count have never even scared me enough to bother unplugging sensitive electronics. I’ve never experienced failure of any protected equipment or of a Zero Surge [product]. If you want to stop worrying about your electronics in a storm, just get a Zero Surge [product] and never think about it again.”

chevronDavid S., Oxford, CT

“Zero Surge offers protection from power surges. It is a vital component of pricey A/V systems. Inexpensive MOV-based outlet strips offer only incomplete, temporary protection, verified by a number of articles online. Since they need to be replaced, they offer no cost savings in the long run. Zero Surge…for peace of mind.”

chevronPaul M., Glen Spey, NY

“I have ungrounded outlets in my living room where equipment is, so I’m glad I was able to find a product that could protect me for the last 10 years through multiple power outages and surges. The Zero Surge unit has performed flawlessly for over 10 years and I also appreciate the great customer service and help with all of my questions.”

chevronKen F., Stone Mountain, GA

“Thank you very much for your attention and saving me quite a bit of money. I would have never known [about a less expensive shipping method] and was already happy with my order. Now I’m ecstatic with your service and will surely go out of my way to tell everybody why they need your products. Again, thank you.”

chevronJose C., Miami, FL

“Thank you for your courtesy and willingness to please. I very much appreciate your attention to my fussy requirements. I am so happy I found reliable and enduring products from a reputable company taking a unique direction away from the all too common mass market sacrificial and cheap MOV solution. You continue to set an exemplary standard for customer service for any industry. I am very fortunate to know you and have the ability to benefit from your products.”

chevronRobert N., Kodak, TN

“I do not have to ever think about the possibility of replacing Zero Surge products because they have nothing that will wear out or burn out (think MOV!). They have performed as expected and are now in their 2nd dwelling and continuing to protect equipment from expected and unexpected surges. My family is quite satisfied with the quality of Zero Surge! I expect Zero Surge surge protection equipment to outlast me!”

chevronChris P., Greenfield, WI

“I’m just an average single guy who looks for the best value for my hard earned money. There are few things that I enjoy more than my home theater. I live up on a wide open hilled farm area prone to lightning. So after going through multiple years of direct hits and close to $7,000 in home theater equipment damage and the insurance company warning to cancel my policy, I decided it was time for some research on surge protection. Nearly 10 years later and after using 3 Zero Surge protectors, I have not had any problems. When my friends ask me what I suggest for surge protection, I tell them Zero Surge. When they see the cost, they think I’m crazy and usually end up purchasing some type of MOV for much less because they just refuse to understand the facts. It’s only a matter of time before they end up paying for it in the end. I can honestly say that the Zero Surge products and their staff (Donna) are the best people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Great website, extremely informative, excellent service and 100% quality made in the USA.”

chevronDave W., Fort Johnson, NY

“Great customer service backing up a quality component.  I look forward to surge protection for a long time!”

chevron Maheshwa K., Austin, TX

“I learned about Zero Surge from an article in one of the ubiquitous computer magazines (PC Week or similar publication) and called the company about the product. I believe it was early on – about 1989 or 1990 – and spoke at length with the company’s president. I not only learned about the product, but also got a rather comprehensive course in electrical engineering and electrical theory. I am very glad I purchased the product, because I can tell you while friends of mine suffered various electrical equipment failure over the years, I have not had one incident relating to failure to voltage spikes or the like. Your products are sheer quality and perform exactly as represented. In a word, your company has INTEGRITY and HONESTY sometimes not found in today’s competitive marketplace. You should be proud of your reputation.”

chevron Paul P., Chicago, IL

“I bought the Zero Surge because I am done playing games.  I expect the 2R15W will protect me from the worst that Upstate conditions throw at me!  Peace of mind.”

chevron Brant J., Forestport, NY

“I recently purchased a new curved 65″ Samsung TV with sound system and subwoofer and wanted the best surge protection. After I installed your 8R15W-I, the TV picture improved and the sound system clarity was better. You’re the originator of this product, so why go to others that are similar? Original is always best! Great product, great quality, USA…what more is there to say?”

chevron Gustav B., Philadelphia, PA

“This letter is a compliment on the incredible design and reliability of your products. While working for a company called Cooperative Computing, Inc. in the early 1990s, Zero Surge six outlet ZS900 units were standard issue when we shipped a client’s computer, modem, printers, and other electronic devices for installation and deployment. During that time, I bought one such unit for my own home electronics. In all the years since purchasing that unit, I have NEVER lost a single device that was protected by the ZS900, from TVs to stereo equipment to video consoles to VOIP devices to printers to PCs to routers and modems. Never a single electrical failure. It is an astonishing track record of quality, technology, and reliability unequaled by any other product I have ever used.”

chevron Robert McClain, Brunswick, OH

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I love my new ZeroSurge 8R15W-I! I have been using it for about a week now and it is fantastic. I am a bit of a gear person . . . as a pilot, technical scuba diver, etc., I really appreciate well-made equipment and from the well-made case all the way to the heavy duty “considerate” flat plug power cord, the device really exudes quality. Of course, the most important detail is what is inside the unit, and knowing that my equipment is protected by the best surge protection available (superior to the typical consumer grade MOV technology) gives me much greater peace of mind and is one less thing to worry about…it truly is a great investment!”

chevron Jeff, Haworth, NJ

“For more than ten years, I’ve been using Zero Surge products to protect my computers and other expensive and sensitive electronic equipment that I use for music, audio, and video production. During those years, my equipment has been subjected to more than a fair share of electrical vagaries, freak electrical storms, power outages and the like. Probably the worst was a direct lightning strike in Phoenix, AZ that knocked out power over several city blocks and required more than twenty-four hours to repair. Once repairs were completed and power restored, I tested all my equipment and there wasn’t even a hint of damage. Recently, I treated myself to a really nice home theatre system. It isn’t nearly as expensive as my professional production equipment but still deserves the best protection I can give it. For me, that’s ZeroSurge.”

chevron Tony Hartman, Music, Audio & Video Services

“4/3/2012…a day that will long live in the memory of Dallas residents. Just wanted you to know that WFAA was reporting 25,000 lightning strikes per hour…multiple tornadoes, flooding, tractor trailers being picked up and flying thru the air…so on. Last night my Zero Surge units buzzed several times as lightning hit in the area…this morning all my delicate electronic equipment was safe and sound…not one single problem or any damage. Just thought you would like to know. Finally a product that actually does just exactly what the maker claims…thank you for producing it.”

chevron Stephen Brown, Dallas, TX

“As a Zero Surge user, thank you. From the start two years ago to this day I have never had an equipment failure due to a power problem at my radio network studio or transmitter sites. We have had many power related problems and nothing gets to my equipment thanks to the Zero Surge units. Having this type of protection in my line of business gives me great peace of mind. I also use the Zero Surge units for my personal/business computers, home studio, security system and entertainment systems.”

chevron Tim Kochis, President/Engineer Radio Communications Unlimited

“We have never seen any power filter perform as effectively as Zero Surge; you have an excellent product which should revolutionize power protection for computers as well as a host of other power surge sensitive peripheral devices.”

chevron Philip L. Nace, Associated Micro Systems & Computers, Inc.

“All units have operated flawlessly since installation. I have concluded that Zero Surge will be the only surge suppression product recommended to clients herewith.”

chevron William P. Woodall, WoodMill Press

“In the several months since installing Zero Surge, we have had no lock-ups, including through the major lightning storms in early July. We are now recommending Zero Surge for all our existing systems and are specifying the unit for all current projects.”

chevron Tom Gallub, All County Access Systems

“To this date, I have had only one electricity related failure in my classroom, and it was on the only computer not connected to a Zero Surge unit. We have had several major surges damage other units in the school district while my lab has avoided all electrical problems.”

chevron David W. Link, Joseph Kerr Middle School

“We were using the metal oxide varistor type surge suppressor and noise filter with limited success. The average lifetime was less than three to four months. We switched to Zero Surge about a year ago, and to this day we have had not one single failure.”

chevron Luis M. Tur, Vice-President, Nortech Marine, Inc.

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