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Safe, effective surge protection for Delta and Wye configurations.

The US Coast Guard has issued a Marine Safety Alert/Inspections and Compliance Directorate on the use of surge protective devices (SPDs). A marine casualty investigation of two separate fires onboard a container ship attributed the sources of the fires to be MOV type surge protective devices.



Zero Surge’s power quality filters do not contain Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) which are the basis of most Surge Protective Devices (SPDs). When using MOV type surge protection on board vessels, it is critical that the device match the Delta or Wye power configuration. When using Zero Surge’s series mode surge and noise filtering technology, however, the outlet can be configured as either Delta or Wye, without any consequences (safety and performance remain intact) because filter technology does not have fixed clamping components.

Zero Surge has a very long, successful history in the maritime industry. There have been no reports of surge failures or fires with Zero Surge’s power quality filters on ship board, or any, applications…ever!

Maritime Products

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