Ungrounded Buildings /
Older Homes

The only safe surge protection technology for ungrounded outlets.

This poses a problem when trying to protect electronics from damaging surges. Typical surge suppressors contain components called Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that shunt the surges to the ground line… an extremely dangerous situation in an ungrounded environment.

old house

old receptacle

Unlike most surge suppressors, Zero Surge products do not rely on the ground circuit for effective surge protection, so you can use them in ungrounded outlets. Zero Surge power quality filter performance will not be diminished in any way. Our products are MOV-free and are called “mode 1” which means they are “line to neutral” and do not operate using or contaminating the ground line.

Safe, reliable surge protection from even worst case surges can be achieved, despite the ungrounded outlets, when you put Zero Surge plug-in products in place.

Zero Surge products are also compatible with ground fault circuit interrupter outlets.

Ungrounded Buildings/Older Homes

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